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From 2012 onwards
   From 2012 onwards
        At the election in September 2011, the right wing did no longer hold a majority in the Danish parliament, and a new left-wing government was in office from the start of October.
        One of the new government´s first decisions was to stop state funding of the Copenhagen Consensus Center. That is, from the start of 2012, the center received no such funding anymore. Therefore, it had to close by the end of June.
        The Copenhagen Consensus Conference 2012 was held as planned in Copenhagen in May 2012. It was funded by various organisations/charities/think tanks (Lomborg does not reveal which) and some savings from the sister organisation Copenhagen Consensus Center USA.
        In the summer of 2012, Lomborg´s luxurious apartment in Copenhagen was put up for sale, and he moved to Prague in the Czech Republic. However, he travels a lot, and he still spends several months a year in New York. 
        He will still organise prioritisation conferences through the organisation Copenhagen Consensus Center USA, located in Washington D.C. This is a non-profit institution under American law, with an American board.
He will also continue to organise other types of prioritisation conferences. Among these is a health Consensus in cooperation with the Melinda and Bill Gates Foundation.
    According to an interview from August 2012, his organisation will come out with three new books on prioritisation and development within the next 12 months.

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