The Lomborg story

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An account of the Lomborg case
as understood by biologist Kåre Fog, Denmark

Latest revision: 14th August 2012 

The  person Bjørn Lomborg
When Lomborg became a so-called "skeptical environmentalist"
The first debate in Denmark
The publication of the first book in Danish
Organised opposition
Continued debate
Appearance of the English book
The debate caused by the English book
Evaluation in Denmark of The Skeptical Environmentalist
Protets to Aarhus University
The establishing of the Danish Environmental Assessment Institute
The complaints to UVVU (Committees for scientific dishonesty)
Criticism of UVVU
Lomborg´s complaint to the minister
The functioning of the Environmental Assessment Institute
Copenhagen Consensus
The years 2004-2005
2006 - 2012: The Copenhagen Consensus Center
The `Cool It´ film
From 2012 onwards
Lomborg´s impact


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