General issues


The Lomborg story
Cases and activitites related to Bjørn Lomborg; his background and career.
May also be downloaded as a word-file.

Lomborg´s attitude and methods
How is manipulation of scientific evidence possible? Attempt to give explanations, and to list methods.

Deliberate errors
Many errors in the books are deliberate, but people are not willing to believe that this is so

Lomborg´s response to criticism
Lomborg practically never admits any errors, and therefore a meaningful debate with him is not possible

Lomborg´s hidden agenda
Indications of Lomborg´s covert motives

Derogation of opponents
How Lomborg prevents that people listen to his critics

Lomborg and the media
Lomborg´s relations to the media in Denmark, Britain, USA and internationally, and discussions of why the media mostly do not believe in his dishonesty

How Lomborg cheats and utilises the media
See e.g. how Lomborg utilises a radio interview to give the public a bad impression of the Danish climate minister, Connie Hedegaard.

Common misunderstandings
Common misunderstandings concerning Lomborg´s position, the case against him, the procedure in Copenhagen Consensus etc.

Things said by or about Lomborg

Lomborg´s changing attitudes to global warming
Quotes from various points of time

Documents related to the case against Bjørn Lomborg concerning scientific dishonesty

Lomborg´s comments to Lomborg-errors

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