Howard Friel "The Lomborg Deception"

This page deals with the book by Howard Friel "The Lomborg Deception" which was published by Yale University Press at the end of February 2010. The book is presented in this link.

The book is reviewed in these links:

Book review in Newsweek by Sharon Begley

Debate on the Pharyngula web site hosted by PZ Myers

Lomborg has seen the manuscript and has written a 27 page rebuttal, to be downloaded here.
In this rebuttal, he severely slates Friel. To the unprejudiced reader, all his accusations give the impression that Friel´s criticism is completely unjustified, and that Friel has misunderstood everything. This, however, is not how things are. See Lomborg-error´s evaluation of who is right, Lomborg or Friel (link below).

Friel has responded with this 20 page reply.

LomborgDeception  cover image

Lomborg-errors on Friel´s book:

Lomborg-errors´ review of the book

Lomborg´s rebuttal: Who is right, Lomborg or Friel?