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This is a catalogue of errors in "The Skeptical Environmentalist". They are arranged according to the chapters in the book.
The purpose of the error list, and the principles for classification of errors, are described on a separate page.
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0. Preface, pp. xix-xx

1. Things are getting better, pp. 3-33

2. Why do we hear so much bad news?, pp. 34-44

3. Measuring human welfare, pp. 45-49

4. Life expectancy and health, pp. 50-59

5. Food and hunger, pp. 60-69

6. Prosperity, pp. 70-86

7. Conclusion to Part II, p. 87

8. Are we living on borrowed time?, pp. 91-92

9. Will we have enough food?, pp. 93-109

10. Forests - are we losing them?, pp. 110-117

11. Energy, pp. 118-136

12. Non-energy resources, pp. 137-148

13. Water, pp. 149-158

14. Conclusion to Part III, pp. 159-160

15. Air pollution, pp. 163-177

16. Acid rain and forest death, pp. 178-181

17. Indoor air pollution, pp. 182-184

18. Allergies and asthma, pp. 185-188

19. Water pollution, pp. 189-205

20. Waste: running out of space?, pp. 206-209

21. Conclusion to Part IV, pp. 210-211

22. Our chemical fears, pp. 215-248

23. Biodiversity, pp. 249-257

24. Global warming, pp. 258-324

25. Predicament or progress?, pp. 327-352


NOTE ! Chapters not marked by underlining have not yet been scrutinized for errors, but is is possible that errors will eventually be found in some of these also. The list of errors is by no means thought to be complete, not even for those chapters where many errors are listed.