"Cool it!"
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This page deals with the British version of "Cool it!".
"Cool it! - The Skeptical Environmentalist´s Guide to Global Warming". Cyan Publications. 353 pp.

Links to critical reviews and questions regarding the American version of the book, with many useful comments.

Flaws and errors and critical comments to particular chapters are listed here.
The process of scrutinizing the book is quite time consuming and is still less than half complete (input from others, with information on concrete flaws and errors in "Cool it!", are very welcome. Contact here). For some sections of the book, no comments have been listed yet. For certain other sections, only a few comments have been made, and a thorough treatment is still awaiting. These sections are marked with "preliminary" or "few comments yet". But in all sections, more comments may be added in the future.

Some general comments to Cool it! are placed here on Lomborg-errors.

Chapter 1: Polar Bears

Discussion of polar bears (pp. 1- 7).
See also the  interview with Kevin Berger.

Chapter 2: It´s getting hotter

Discussion of heat- and cold-related deaths (pp. 9 - 24 & 44 - 48).

Discussion of cutting carbon. (pp. 24 - 44) (preliminary)

Discussion of prioritisation between climate and other issus (pp. 48 - 62)

Chapter 3: Global warming: Our many worries


Discussion of CO2 and temperature (pp. 63-71)

Discussion of melting glaciers (pp. 71 - 74)

Discussion of sea level rise (pp. 74 - 78 & 86 - 94)

Discussion of ice melting and temperatures on Greenland and Antarctica (pp. 78 - 86).

Discussion of hurricanes and other extreme weather (pp. 94 - 116) (preliminary)

Discussion of possible shutdown of the Gulf Stream (pp. 117 - 125)

Discussion of malaria (pp. 126 - 141)

Discussion of food problems and starvation (pp. 141- 148)

Disccusion of water shortages (pp. 148 - 157) (preliminary)

Discussion of poverty (pp. 157 - 164)

Chapter 4: The politics of global warming

Discussion if we are getting scared witless (few comments)

Discussion of economics and the Stern review (pp. 190 - 197)

Discussion of the neutrality of IPCC scientists (pp. 197 - 201)

Chapter 5: Conclusion: making our top priorities cool