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Chapter 8:

Are we living on borrowed time?


P. 91 left: (COMMENT)

"This is the typical objection we hear from organizations such as Worldwatch Institute:" Comment: It seems that Worldwatch Institute has to be criticized no matter what they write. When they write that the twentieth century has been extraordinarily successful, even this is criticized. They add "perhaps too successful" - indicating with the word "perhaps" some uncertainty as to what the future will bring. In what follows, Lomborg leaves out the "perhaps" and turns WI´s wordings into an absolute statement. What is more, he leaves out the sentence that follows after the one he has cited. Here, WI states that mankind faces a challenge greater than any other challenge before: restoring the balance with nature and at the same increasing the economic prospects for billions of people. So, WI does not present a pessimistic doomsday-picture. They present us with a challenge.

P. 91 right: FLAW

"Most environmentalists vigorously maintain that our current society is unsustainable. `In effect, we are behaving . . " Flaw: The quote from Worldwatch Institute is flawed. It is taken from a paragraph dealing with our tendency to postpone decisions. It is here said that necessary decisions are postponed in all societies at all stages of industrial development and with all political observations, and further, that this may indicate an inherent human characteristic. Because of this, it is hypothesized, we tend to ignore the question of whether any given development is sustainable. But the reader of Lomborg´s book gets the false impression that according to WI, the current society is not sustainable.